State of The Advanced Mobility Industry 2019

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How long until we are all riding around in autonomous cars?
Will we really have a million robotaxis in 2020?

 In the 140 pages, you will find the most comprehensive industry       research on the autonomous and electric vehicles already   transforming the $5T transportation market.

   Few key findings:  

  • China’s lightning-fast boom to over 500 companies working on EVs will lead to a near-term consolidation.

  • The biggest influencing factor in driving EV growth is the government mandates and incentives.

  • Long before we see self-driving passenger vehicles on the road, semi-autonomous and assistive technology will become common in trucking and mass transit. Some are already rolling out in 2019.

  • Contrary to Elon Musk’s pronouncements about “a million Tesla robotaxis on the road in 2020”, we find that the current stage of technology and government regulations make this an entirely empty promise.

  • It will take the next generation of technology to drive mass adoption of EVs. We are still years away from commercialization of superconductors, solid state batteries, and other promising innovations in the space.



GS Capital is proud to present the “State of Mobility and Transportation” research report, which reveals its in-depth, global market report on the autonomous and electric revolution already transforming the $5T transportation market.

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